Indigenous Women's Program

The Indigenous Women's Program was established because we recognize that a large number of the women who come into contact with the legal system are of aboriginal descent. Through this program we hope to make our agency more responsive to the unique challenges faced by aboriginal women.

The program is deeply rooted in Medicine Wheel Teachings. We believe that healing is holistic. When we nurture our own Medicine Wheel we create balance and harmony within.

"When you heal the child, you heal the community;
when you heal the community, you heal the child."

O. Mercredi

Indigenous Women's Program goals:

  • to assist women to break the cycle of violence and abuse for themselves and their children,
  • to support the efforts of women in reducing the likelihood that they will continue to come into contact with the legal system,
  • to encourage women to reconnect with their culture and develop a sense of themselves as Aboriginal people.

For more information please contact:
Phone: (780) 784-2206 Toll Free (866) 421-1175