Housing Program

The Elizabeth Fry Society housing program provides subsidized housing to Aboriginal women who have a history of homelessness and victimization through sexual exploitation. In Edmonton, 47% of our homeless individuals identify as being Aboriginal. In the Prairie Provinces, 48% of federally incarcerated offenders are Aboriginal despite only representing 4.3% of our population. Our housing program operates on the principle that housing is an essential human right, and that individuals cannot overcome the obstacles in their lives without a safe, permanent place to call home. Participants accepted into our housing program pay a determined portion of their rent, with the Elizabeth Fry Society subsidizing the remaining portion. Participants work closely with their Elizabeth Fry Society team in order to achieve and maintain personal successes (e.g., employment, family reunification, prosocial living, healthy lifestyle, and sobriety) while working toward independent living. Wrap-around support services are proven to be effective for women reintegrating after a period of incarceration. These support services take into account resources and interventions to meet all of an individual’s needs and challenges concurrently. The aim of the program is to provide women with security, opportunity, and support to empower women for successful reintegration into their communities.

Through providing housing and wrap-around supports to vulnerable women, the housing program hopes to reduce:

  • The (re)criminalization of women committing offences related to homelessness.
  • The harm/risks to women being victimized through human trafficking.
  • Human trafficking occurring in our community.

For more information please contact:

Rebecca Alexander - Housing Coordinator
Phone: (780) 784-2209 Toll Free: (866) 421-1175
E-mail: rebecca.alexander@efryedmonton.ab.ca