Women's Empowerment Program

The Women's Empowerment Project (WEP) was established because we recognize that many women and girls have experienced and/or are currently living with violence. Through WEP's unique programming, we educate women about violence, trauma, resiliency, and how to move forward with confidence, resources, and hope. We offer safety planning and one-on-one support for women who want to take that journey.


Programming involves one-on-one meetings (by appointment), free counselling (future initiative), mentorship & support, and community outreach. Through our outreach program, we offer free educational and interactive workshops that integrate the expertise of all other programs provided by the Elizabeth Fry Society of Edmonton. 


"We become diamonds under pressure."

-Elizabeth Fry Client


Women's Empowerment Project goals:

-Encouraging women to take control of their lives after experiencing violence through education and support.

-Enabling women with tailored safety planning and resources.

-Reminding women that empowerment comes from within, and that women and girls are already strong and confident.


For more information please contact:

Robyn Laczy - Women's Empowerment Program Coordinator 

Direct Phone: (780) 784-2212 Toll Free: (866) 421-1175